Beach Boat under cover

20" x 16" acrylic on paper

This painting was created during mid March 2017, and is based on a photograph taken at Hengistbury head, Christchurch in the county of Dorset, UK. Shown are a number of boats, the dominant one under cover parked along the beach facing Christchurch Bay. The location is unusual in having another beach facing out in the opposite direction looking towards the English Channel, just seconds away from behind the shown location.

In the distance can be seen the shore line of Mudeford, a part of Christchurch and populated by expensive properties with back gardens meeting great views of the bay.. The famous Haven House inn, a subject of another painting, can be seen on the far right. The floating platform shown offers a ferry service over to the Inn. 

The painting is done in acrylics on stretch watercolour paper, sized at 12” x 16”.

painting boat on hengistbury spit beach
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